Monthly Update Post – September 2018

September is over and the standard British autumn is here (sometimes warm, sometimes cold, never predictable).  With the changing of the seasons, let’s reflect on the last month at BuildingIM.


Platform development

With the current price of FCT tokens, we are unable to pay external developers to work on the CWS platform, which means progress on the CWS has slowed since we built the demonstration product.  However, one of our directors has now gone full time at BuildingIM and will be creating the back-end of the platform.

In the interest of generating revenue as soon as possible, BuildingIM has decided to concentrate on producing a product which will use a cut-down feature set of the full platform functionality.  The new product (codename “Como”) be available on a per-use or monthly subscription basis for BIM model creators.  At the moment, we are a bit cryptic but only because we want to be launch-ready before we announce the functionality.



This month has been a bit of a rollercoaster with the team.  One of our directors is currently on maternity leave after his wife gave birth to a baby boy, and another has finally been able to start working on BuildingIM full time.  We wish John and his new family good success, and hope that Bens full-time dedication will really move the business forward.


Marketing Committee

Ben was elected as chair of the Factom marketing committee in September.  Work is underway to get an active marketing presence for Factom with the development and launch (soon) of the Factom protocol website.


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