Monthly Update Post – August 2018

This month gives us the opportunity to announce the sales demo version of BuildingIM’s Construction Workflow Solution (CWS) platform (we’re working on the name…).


CWS Platform

BuildingIM applied to be an ANO with the commitment to produce usage of the Factom protocol by improving the quality of the information on construction sites with Factom as the source of truth.

In order to get our customers to understand what the CWS platform does, we have built a demonstration of the basic look and feel of our product.  As Guy Kawasaki said:

“If a picture is worth 1000 words, a prototype is worth 10,000 slides”

In our sales demo, you can log in to look at 4 projects (project menu item), navigate around the 3D models of the buildings, look at some elements from the building, and see what a problem on site might look like (snags).

Signing up for the CWS platform creates a ChainID on the Factom Mainnet for your account.  You will also receive an email with this ChainID and a link to view it on the Factom Explorer website.  In future, all works completed against an account will be added to the Chain on Factom to create an “Immutable CV” for users.

It is with great pleasure that we launch our sales demo product to the community.


Once you sign up, I would recommend going to the Stevenson House project and clicking the “View Model” button on the right-hand side of the screen.  You will get a 3D model of the building and be able to navigate by zooming (scroll), rotating (left mouse), and moving (right mouse).

Going back to the project page, you can click the “View BIM Elements” button to see individual parts of the model.

The snags menu option shows a few of the multitude of issues that occur on a site.  You can see more details by clicking on a snag. We haven’t built any interactions (button functions) for this page.

At the moment, the portal only works on desktop and laptops (sorry to those on phones and tablets) due to the 3D rendering that is required for the models.

All features are defined, wireframed and ready to build, we are just awaiting funding from our investors.


Marketing Committee

Ben from BuildingIM is one of 4 new members of the marketing committee.  The marketing committee has unfortunately lost its co-chairs and some members in the last 2 weeks.  The remaining members of the community are holding a meeting this week to elect a new chair and define the scope of the committee.  We have also created a separate discord server to discuss marketing activities.

Ben has applied to be chair of the marketing committee.


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