BIM to Task List

All asset data is imported into the Complete Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform from the BIM model, removing the need for manual input to generate work packages while giving contractors unparalleled vision of their scope of works from the beginning of the project.

Real-Time Project Tracking

With customisable project dashboards, everyone in the contact chain can be fully informed of how their part of the build is progressing. Project problems and delays can be easily identified, discussed, and rectified using the built-in chat facility, increasing collaboration and increasing the likelihood of on-time project delivery.

More Flexible Payments

With work being booked against the individual assets, multiple new payment structures are available between parties. Payments per project, floor, zone, room, or individual asset are all achievable with our Integrated Workflow Solution (IWS).

Built as Designed, Always

By using the Complete Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform, the disconnect between the model and what is installed on site can be eliminated. With the BIM design based on specification-meeting equipment, any deviation from the requested manufacturer, equipment specification, or installation location will be flagged, ensuring that the project is realised as it was designed, always.

Instant Maintenance Asset List

After the asset list is imported from the BIM model and project managed using the Integrated Workflow Solution (IWS), the database can be handed over the maintenance company. Each asset will be labelled with an asset ID at install time, lowering the costs of beginning a maintenance contract and providing an audit trail for all assets from the day it’s installed.

Easy Lifecycle Management

Each asset will be populated with meta-data, allowing the future maintenance and replacement costs to be predicted. Asset specifications will be stored within the Complete Lifecycle Management (CLM) database, ensuring replacement and migration of assets is fast, easy, and cheaper.

Contractor Metrics

Aggregated data across all projects within the Complete Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform allows a prediction of project costs based on what the system knows about your building and the scope of the works to be provided. Expected High, medium, and low project cost values can be provided for works without the lengthy tendering process.

Built on Blockchain

The Complete Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform utilises the immutability of blockchain technology through using the Factom Data Integrity layer. Any modifications made to your building are securely passed to the relevant chain on the Factom layer providing a method through which all data can be authenticated and audited by all parties.